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He's the OSA, Scientology 'hit'-man in Nashville Tennessee. His main 'gig' however, is creating problems for families and individuals connected to the "church" of Scientology Celebrity Centre of Nashville.

Ask him about Daniel Montalvo or the "RPF", Child Labor Violations or the church's "disconnection" policy (shunning - used to extort compliance among the members), or "where do all the IAS donations go (fraud - no annual reports & FBI Investigation), or Scientology's Treatment of Pregnant Women (see also Christie Collbran's story) or who owns the new 'Ideal Org' now that the local members have been bilked out of millions to buy and renovate it"?

Ask where Heber Jentzsch, Shelly Miscavige or Carol Miles are? How come people prominent in Scientology just disappear?

Or ask him about Jan Eastgate, the President of Scientology's "Citizen Commission for Human Rights" (CCHR), who has been charged with "perverting the course of justice" (obstructing justice) in Australia for her role in coercing a family to cover up the molestation of an eleven year old girl.

You won't get a straight answer because he's trained to lie about those things the "church" doesn't want the public to know about Scientology.

He's the Nashville 'front-man' for a global criminal enterprise masquerading as a self-betterment, tax-exempt entity. Some day soon, hell be singing a completely different tune. Jail-House Rock? Vertley


Scientology is a global human rights violator but it likes to use PR (public relations) to forward a false image that it supports human rights. It hides behind a cloak of "religious" freedoms to cover up human trafficking, illegal incarceration, breaking up of families, sexual abuse, financial fraud, tax fraud, harassment, stalking and a host of other seedy and criminal activities.

Sadly (because the core philosophy of Scientology is benign and contains many tenets of enlightnmnet) it has been corrupted into a global criminal syndicate, under current management, with the gall to put themselves on committees like this one in Nashville Tennessee with Brian Fesler as a spokesperson for their annual human rights day.

“In addition to acknowledging the work of our heroes, we want to inspire and empower the leaders
of tomorrow. This is a time when advocates must rise up and demand justice, and we want to help
 make that happen.” Rev. Brian Fesler, co-chair of the committee

osa operations example

Ex-OSA operative testifying July 26, 2011

osa tactics

How these guys (OSA) work & think

fesler covering up

Seen here defending church hired thugs beating up on a peaceful protester. The "Church" settled the lawsuit with the victim here to shut him up.

SPECIAL NOTICE --- Thousands of Scientologists are demanding that David Miscavige resign or be removed from his management role in the Church of Scientology!!! - Reform Strategy - The Church of Scientology - as distinct and different from the subject of Scientology developed by L Ron Hubbard - is a mass of corruption with Miscavige at the helm. His removal will open the door to reform and set the "church" on a positive path. - Super-admin