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Dexter Gelfand - Grad V Field Auditor, Northern California, Life Renewal and Rehabilitation Specialist


Insights on a Summer Day

        For some time now I’ve been enjoying the benefits of going in session, auditing others, and studying tech every day, and I’ve been experiencing expanded awarenesses in such a constant and fast moving evolution that many things just vanish entirely (as-isness). I’m frequently noticing the absence of masses and circuits, often with little or no idea of what their content was!

    I have eliminated so much GPM and ser fac content that I am now generally able to appreciate every viewpoint, and have little or no need or compulsion to dismiss any being, or the whole sum of their views as being unworthy of consideration. The fact that another expressed view doesn’t seem to align with one of my own is simply an opportunity to expand through being willing to experience the other view. It is not a “threat” to any “stable datum”, aka “fixed idea”. What a difference this makes!

    I am now finding, that in every session in which I audit another, as I am applying my willingness to occupy and co-create the same space with my PC, that I experience their own viewpoints and cognitions for myself, and frequently “get” their new awareness just before they voice it! It has become real to me that we are all connected, that the “distance” in and of the MEST universe is an illusion.

    I have also gained insight into why any aberration persists. It persists because there is a continuing unwillingness to as-is, and the basis for a continuing unwillingness to as-is, and thus withdraw from any game, is being stuck with the idea that there is a scarcity games, or a scarcity of better games. Rehab a being’s awareness of their ability to create games, and they can let go of the aberrations they are clinging to! (I have attached a passage from “Fundamentals of Thought” as a reference.)

    These and many other new awarenesses and changes have come largely as a result of my ongoing co-auditing cycle with Frank Pate, experiencing the remarkable case gains available through Power Processing. Thank you Frank, my spiritual brother!

    Love, Dex


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