Shelly Miscavige

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current situation

Captive - MIA - No one knows where she is...just disappeared!

Presumed held against her will. Law enforcement, when are you going to do something about the RPF'ers and people like ShellY and Heber Jentzsch?

See Operation RPF for more information about Shelly and other detainees.

Some reports have her being held at one of these secret Scientology bases

If you have ANY information about Shelly Miscavige, please create an account and help fill in this page!

Or...send your pictures and write-ups to:

shelly and david

Video of 2 locations where Shelly is presumed and likely to be held.

Slavery in Scientology

Best video of Shelly so far. She's @ 2:40 and the first in a line of Scientology luminaries (including David Miscavige) wearing a black jacket, brown top and blond hair.

SPECIAL NOTICE --- Thousands of Scientologists are demanding that David Miscavige resign or be removed from his management role in the Church of Scientology!!! - Reform Strategy - The Church of Scientology - as distinct and different from the subject of Scientology developed by L Ron Hubbard - is a mass of corruption with Miscavige at the helm. His removal will open the door to reform and set the "church" on a positive path. - Super-admin


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