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SPECIAL NOTICE --- Thousands of Scientologists are demanding that David Miscavige resign or be removed from his management role in the Church of Scientology!!! - Reform Strategy - The Church of Scientology - as distinct and different from the subject of Scientology developed by L Ron Hubbard - is a mass of corruption with Miscavige at the helm. His removal will open the door to reform and set the "church" on a positive path. - Super-admin

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<metadesc> Synthia Fagen exposes the lies by Scientology leader David Miscavige and abuse of staff and fraud.</metadesc> <keywords content="synthia fagen, heber, heber jentzsch, scientology, scientology abuse, scientology leader, miscavige, david miscavige, l. ron hubbard, ron hubbard, lrh, cult, cults, human rights, marty rathbun, rathbun, amy scobee, tom cruise, mike rinder, rinder, freedom magazine, human trafficking" />